School Prospectus Admission Registration
Mandatory Public

Parents willing to withdraw their child must give one month (30 days) notice in written or pay one month fee in lieu there of notice. No student will be permitted to withdraw in the month of March. In case the child is to be withdraw from 1 April, notice of withdrawal must be received by the school by 1 March positively. If the notice of withdrawal is given in April, The fee for the month of May & June will be charged.
School leaving certificate will be issued only on application from the parents or guardians, responsible for the child with a fee of Rs. 300 for the same. Such applications should be made one month before the intended withdrawal, failing which, one month's fee without any allowance for broken period shall be payable before applying for T.C. In case a student of class XI Or XII leaves after the commencement of first session, two installment of school fees shall be payable before applying for T.C. No School Leaving Certificate will be issued if all the dues are to fully paid.