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Chairman's Message

The 21st century is an age of competition. Competition is seen in each and every field and our little children are left with no choice than perform. Parents are more worried about the children than the children themselves.

As we know that the world is passing through a difficult time. Moral, spiritual values are degrading day by day. At this stage it is first and foremost duty of teachers and school we have to prepare our students to face all these challenges. Only through education we can instill values and character in students.

Students are now exposed to the foreign media, T.V. channels, mobile phones and internet. We have to inculcate good manners, values and character in them.  Our school defines education beyond books- academics, sports, games, global culture, curriculum, and focuses on achievement development, character, personality and finally an open platform for every child to excel irrespective of caste, religion or ability. 

We welcome all the parents to be partner in this Endeavour. 

Mr. L.D Pathak